Custom Painting

Connecting with your home is as important as having a home. Anyone would be reluctant to leave their home if it gives them peace and comfort. The type of paint you use and the way the walls are designed will play a vital role in making your comfortable and deeply connected to your home. The kind of paint that should be used for your house and every part of it is crucial just as breathing is to you. But the most vital thing to consider is the color of paint you use because you don’t want to end up feeling alien in your own home.

Type of Paints

The most important thing people fail to understand is that you can’t use the same type of paint for every section of your home. Each section will require a different kind of paint. The kitchen and the bathroom might need a semi-gloss paint to increase its durability while the bedrooms might require a satin finish to give it an exotic appearance. The type of paint you use is solely dependent on the kind of building material used in constructing your home. While some paints and finishes might adhere to concrete, they might not adhere to wood.

Color to Use

No one can dictate the kind of color that you should use. It is your home and you are going to be living in it. If you want to enjoy the benefits of staying in a home that reflects who you are, you should consider your color choice thoroughly. There are different hues and shades of colors that can drive a sane person nut. If you are hiring a professional, you have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is choose your color and let them do the rest. But if you are painting your house yourself in a custom setting, you have a lot of work to do when it comes to getting a desired result from the combination of colors.

Custom Painting Guidelines

Custom painting your home can be very interesting and also rigorous because a lot of brain work is needed. Mixing the right colors to get the exact result and design requires critical thinking and complete focus. If you have a color mixing chart, custom color mixing will be very easy because all you have to do is follow the rules to get it right. One important thing is having a white, black and grey paint at hand. No matter what you might want to mix together, a white paint will be needed to neutralize the color; black paint will help you darken it while a grey paint will be required in the case of lighter colors.

Paint Matching

If you intend to coat an old paint with a new one, you need to be sure if the new paint will match the old one. This process can be very tiring and difficult but there is a way out. You will need brushes, denatured alcohol, rags and knives. Get a part a part of the old paint to take to the store so you can get the exact type of paint you need.



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