Fence Painting

Do you have a fence that needs to be restored to its original gloss? Then all you need to do is paint it. Painting a fence can be a fun thing to do and also very stressful depending on its length and breadth. Painting a fence protects the fence just as it adds an aesthetic value to it. The process can be very time consuming and hectic, so you have to be focused and also use the right tools and materials. To do a very good job, you need to prepare the surrounding for the painting process and also be prepared yourself.

Clearing the Area

When preparing to paint your fence, the first thing to do is to ensure that the area around the fence is clear of vegetation and overgrown grasses. You can either trim or tie back vegetation making contact with the fence and clear bushes or grasses around the fence. This way, you be able to work deftly on your fence and prevents the paint from being stained from plants rubbing against it. You can also ensure that the area is clean and that there’s no stone leaning against your fence. In the case where the plants beneath your fence are important, you can place plastic sheeting over the plants or under the fence to protect them from the paint’s toxicity.

Getting the Materials

Painting your fence is a tedious work. To do a perfect job, you have to be prepared. Getting your materials ready is the most important part of painting. You don’t want to be looking for your brush while the paint is right beside you. The quality of your paint and paintbrushes is also vital. You need to use the right paint for your fence and also the right brush. There are various brushes of very low quality that’d frustrate the painting process, you shouldn’t buy them. The quality of your paint and paint brushes will compliment your effort and help you do a nice job.

Pressure Washing or Sanding

If you have an old and untreated fence or a new fence that needs to be painted, the first thing to do is to pressure wash or sand it. This process will remove any old paint so that the new can stick to it. Pressure washing and sanding is one in order to remove dirt, grease and grim from the surface of the fence. During this process, it is important to protect your nose because inhaling the air around can be very hazardous to the health. To ensure a safe and smooth painting procedure, it is important to either pressure wash or sand your fence.

Repairing the Fence

Painting a fence is a time consuming project. If you are going to invest your time in it, it is also important to do it the right way. For your effort to be worthy, you should take your time to repair every part of the fence that needs to be repaired. Repair cracks with wood glue, remove loos nails and replace them and also replace seriously damaged boards or rails. With these tips, your fence will turn out very attractive.



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