Interior Painting

Interior painting is a great way to make your building cozy and beautiful. Since we come in contact with the interior part of the house the most, it is important that we understand the types of paint, its usefulness and its hazards. For example, lead paint is very toxic to be used in the interior of a home that has kids in it. Coming in contact with this paint, inhaling or even digesting it in anyway can cause damage to the brain and the body systems. The type of paint you use in painting your house is a choice that should be thought of thoroughly.

Latex Paint

Latex paint should originally mean rubber paint but today, the term usually used is acrylic paint, that is, it contains plastic resin or poly-vinyl instead of rubber. Most paints today are always water based paints because the solvent used are water. These paints dry faster and have a higher opacity than rubber paint. One of the major advantages of a water based paints is that it can be cleaned with water. Latex paint can be used on unpainted walls or walls that have once been painted with latex paint. As good as a latex paint is, it repels high gloss finishes and even wallpapers due to the water present in the paint. This type of paint also cause steel and iron materials to rust

Rubber Base Paint

Rubber base paint is an excellent choice of paint to be used on interior surfaces. This type of paint is not produced in various colors but contains a melted rubber. It is a great paint for interior concrete but to be applied on brick, a sealing coat of clear vanish should have been applied on the brick. Rubber base paints can’t be dissolved with just any type of solvent. It can be selective on the kind of solvent it requires. To know which solvent to use, it is important to check the label for guidance. Rubber base paint has a very powerful smell and is also expensive.

Textured Paint

Textured paint is the best paint to use if you are on the lookout for a paint that covers flaws on the interior surface of your home. It also gives your interior a stucco-like appearance. Although textured paint can be very useful in certain areas, it also poses a problem when the surface is to be repainted. It will take up to five times the quantity of paint previously used. While some textured paints are premixed with contents that are sand-like, others require that you mix them with particles on your own.


Primers are used to make uneven surfaces smooth. It is the kind of paint that provides an obstruction between a porous surface and your finishing coat and allows you to use an unsuitable paint on a bare or previously painted surface. This type of paint emits no odor, dries up quickly and is also very easy to clean. There are different types of primer and they include; alkyd primer, latex primer etc.



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